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MAKE TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS TO LIVING TONGUES INSTITUTE - Your 100% tax deductible contribution can help us preserve valuable information for future generations in the specialized knowledge contained in endangered languages. Please consider Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, when planning your charitable giving. We rely solely on the generosity of donors and grants to fund our field expeditions, publications, and assistance to indigenous communities struggling for cultural survival.

Living Tongues Projects

Current & Recent Projects

  1. Ös/Middle Chulym Documentation Project - Nearly extinct Siberian language.

  2. Munda Languages Project - Comprehensive documentation of grammar and lexicon of several endangered/threatened languages of India.

  3. Koro Aka Documentation Project - Full-scale documentation of this 'hidden' language of East Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh. Multi-media language materials, grammatical description with annotated text collection are the intended end-products, as well as studies attempting to unravel the mystery of the origin, history and classification of this Aka language, as well as surrounding languages of the region, e.g., Hruso Aka, Miji, Bugun, Sherdukpen, Lishpa, Puroik, etc.

  4. Talking Online Dictionary Projects - Bringing voices online to many languages for many purposes.

  5. Altai-Sayan Language and Ethnography Project - Linguistic and ethnographic documentation of languages from Siberia/Mongolia.

  6. Siletz Dee-Ni Talking Dictionary Project - Comprehensive online talking resource of nearly extinct language of Oregon.

  7. Eleme/Baan Project - Documentation of rapidly vanishing and poorly attested speech variety in southeastern Nigeria.

  8. Kallawaya Language Project - New project on ‘secret’ healer’s language.

  9. The Linguists Film Project - Documentary film featuring our work.

  10. Support for Revitalization - Living Tongues Institute offers equipment and training for members of indigenous language communities in the application of information technology to language revitalization efforts, as well as offers assistance in creating language materials for use within community-based language maintenance and revitalization movements Email Living Tongues

From K. David Harrison "When Languages Die, 2007" p. 7
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